Letter Writing Campaign – General Info

Past Campaigns:

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Join the Letter Writing Campaign:

New volunteers and suggestions are always most welcome! If you would like to be a part of RAC’s letter writing campaign, simply email us requesting to have your name added to the letter writing mailing list.

Materials for Letter Writers:

Download Contact List – Newspapers

Download Contact List – Politicians

Download Letter Writing Guide – Letters to Editor

Download Letter Writing Guide – Politicians

Download SMH Rules and Tips for Submitting Letters

The Campaign:

Canberra RAC’s letter writing campaign is a loosely coordinated effort by a group of around 50 volunteers.

Our overall objectives are:

1. to keep the issue of refugee and asylum seeker policy in the public consciousness and on the political agenda,

2. to hold politicians to account for the consequences of their policy decisions, and

3. to press for more humane treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum.

We aim to have a steady flow of letters and/or phone calls going to the relevant Federal politicians and newspapers which:

  • analyse and comment on the deficiencies of Australia’s refugee and asylum seeker policy,
  • provide a ‘rapid response’ to news events and articles in the press,
  • focus on viable solutions, rather than simply criticising government policy, and
  • highlight RAC or other related events.
How it works:

Around the beginning of each month, you will receive an email with suggestions regarding current topics for letters, key points to make, and links to a few relevant news articles or other reference material. In addition, from time to time you will receive an email calling for an immediate strong response to a critical incident or news item.

While we want our activities to align with matters that RAC seeks to emphasise, we would like people to write independently, with their own character and feeling.  You are not writing in the name of the Refugee Action Campaign, but your own name. We have not used form letters because we don’t want it to feel like an organised campaign which would likely result in our letters being quickly rejected or ignored. But we do try to provide our volunteers with as much support and resources as possible.