About us

The Refugee Action Campaign Canberra (RAC) is part of a network of concerned citizens around Australia seeking the fair and humane treatment of refugees in Australia. We are working to raise public awareness about the government’s obligations to give refuge to asylum seekers and treat them with dignity and humanity. RAC is composed of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and is not associated with any political party.

An Australia we can all be proud of will:

  1. Ensure humane and dignified treatment of asylum seekers and refugees
  2. End Mandatory Detention
  3. Ensure Australian Law upholds Human Rights
  4. End deportation to places of torture, persecution & danger
  5. Create a fair and just process for asylum applications
  6. Support family reunion for refugees separated from their families
  7. Work to reform the Migration Act to ensure a transparent and fair system for the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

For more detail on who we are please see the Where We Stand page in the menu.

Our Structure

RAC is structured around three primary groupings:

  • Working Groups
  • Steering Committee
  • General Meetings

General Meetings and held approximately every six weeks to discuss ideas and directions for the campaign and to make key decisions about activities and events.

The Steering Committee is elected at the General Meetings. It meets weekly to organise and manage the implementation of decisions. Steering Committee elections are held at least bi-annually. The current members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Anna Dennis
  • Matthew Doohan
  • John Dove
  • Adam Fenech
  • John Minns
  • Adair O’Brien
  • Sophie Singh
  • Lesley Boland
  • Mainul Haque

Our Workings Groups focus on a constituency in the Canberra community (e.g. our Faith-based group), or on a specific campaign activity (e.g. the Design and Creative Activism group). The current list of workings groups are:

We have an active Social Media presence. We can be found on several platforms:

For more information, or to contact the Steering Committee or one of the working groups, please contact mail@refugeeaction.org.