2022 Federal Election Scorecard on Refugees policy

It’s now less than a week until the 2022 federal election. We observed one interesting thing different from the last few elections: a silence around ‘boat people’, offshore detention centres, and policies on refugees more generally…

But the people of Australia have not forgotten. We witness the horrific struggles of war today. We suffer the legacy of past conflicts, in our pockets and hearts and minds.

The candidates for the 2022 election have listened and spoken. So, where do the key ACT candidates stand on issues that matter for refugees?

The team at Canberra Refugee Action Campaign have conducted thorough research on where the key parties and candidates representing the ACT stand on refugee policies. We have summarised our findings in this election scorecard. Check it out in the file below.

It is clear that the Liberal Party does NOT adopt a humanitarian approach on their refugee policies.

Choose justice, kindness, and love. Vote for candidates who do the same!