Day 1: Palm Sunday Actions

Be part of today’s Palm Sunday actions so we can amplify our call for Justice for Refugees. These are activities we can do from our home – continue to be part of the movement for compassion and justice for refugees!

Virtual rally

Speakers from across the Australian community have been sharing their messages of support for refugees through a series of video clips. You can view and share the videos here.

Speakers include Moz from Manus (Mostafa Azimitabar), Shamindan Kanapathi, Bishop Philip Huggins, Sister Brigid Arthur, Dr Mohamed Mohideen, Rabbi Ralph Genende, Tom Ballard and Nazeem Hussain.

Start posting your selfies on your social media platforms – or send them to us and we’ll post them for you

Let’s fill social media with messages of support for refugees and people seeking asylum! Post your selfie, or video message, and share widely. If you’re not on social media, email your photo message to RAC here and we’ll post them on social media for you today.

Recapping the week of online actions

Each day this week, as we’ve counted down to today, we’ve been promoting online activities to raise awareness of the situation facing refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, particularly in this Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

If you missed any of those linked resources, we’re taking the opportunity to include them again here – if you didn’t participate during the week, it’s not too late.

Petitions – please sign and share

Financial support and Medicare access for all in need:

Reduce the risk of Covid-19 – Move people out of onshore detention to community accommodation

Videos – please watch and share

First video
Second video

Send a message to Minister Peter Dutton here – urge support for all in need

Support the ASRC Emergency Cash Appeal