Day 6: Countdown of actions to Palm Sunday – Share Video

Be part of today’s online actions as we countdown to Palm Sunday, April 5. Please take the time to watch the short video (linked below) and share widely.

Detention is a health risk – immediately move people out of onshore immigration detention

Please watch and share this video, which you can find here, with your family, friends and community networks.

“We are sitting ducks for Covid-19 and extremely exposed to becoming severely ill, with the possibility of death” wrote one detainee held in immigration detention in an open letter to Scott Morrison. The Department of Health identifies detention centres as a key risk area for Covid-19 infections.

The cramped conditions in which up to 1400 people are confined pose a serious risk of a rapid virus spread thereby increasing the risk across the community. In the UK, up to 300 people held in immigration detention have moved into the community so far because of the heightened risk of infection in the detention environment.

In Australia, stringent measures are in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19, but the government has not reduced the heightened risk of infection to those held in immigration detention, or the wider risk that this poses. The government must move everyone out of these facilities and into appropriate housing in the community.

Please share the video as widely as possible so we can raise awareness of this situation. Also share on the Canberra Refugee Action Campaign Facebook page.

More financial support for some, but still nothing for asylum seekers on Bridging Visas

Yesterday Scott Morrison’s government announced a further very substantial support package for businesses and workers to cope with the COVID 19 crisis. These are critical measures. But still, the government has not extended support to people seeking asylum on Bridging Visas, people who are facing severe economic distress because of this crisis.

In Portugal, all foreigners, including asylum seekers, with residency applications in place, will be treated as permanent residents until at least July 1, giving them access to public services like health care. “People should not be deprived of their rights to health and public service just because their application has not yet been processed” a government spokesperson said.

This is what support looks like.

Brief update on Countdown actions to Palm Sunday

In the Week of Online Actions Post, we let you know that we’d be inviting you to update your Facebook profile picture with a new frame. We’re still in the creative process with this, so keep an eye out later in the week.

Also, for this week only, we’ll be sending members of our mailing list a brief email each morning outlining the action of the day as we countdown to Palm Sunday. These actions will also be available on this website. Please take the time to be part of these activities.