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Day 4: Countdown of actions to Palm Sunday – Share Video & Email MP

Be part of today’s online actions as we countdown to Palm Sunday, April 5. These are activities we can do from our home – continue to be part of the movement for justice for refugees!

Financial support and Medicare access for all in need – regardless of visa status

Please watch and share this video, with your family, friends and network.

Covid-19 is affecting us all, but the government’s current economic response will not support everyone who will desperately need it. Thousands of people on temporary visas, including people seeking asylum waiting for their refugee applications to be processed, will not receive the Covid-19 financial support. But they too will lose their jobs (if they haven’t already) and will have no other way to support themselves or their families.

Many of these people have no access to the Medicare system nor can they afford vital medicines. Thousands of people seeking asylum already live in dire financial circumstances. This further exclusion from support with the Covid-19 crisis will leave them facing poverty and destitution.

Please share the video as widely as possible so we can raise awareness of this situation. Also share the video post from the Canberra Refugee Action Campaign Facebook page.

Email your MP today – Urge critical support for all in need!

Raise your concerns with your local MP and Senators about the additional impacts that this health and economic crisis is having on people seeking asylum living in Australia, both in the community and in detention.

Or click here where you can easily send a message to Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton. Add your voice to the call for the government to extend critical financial support to people in Australia on temporary visas. State and Territory governments should also be urging their Federal counterparts to address this inequity.

Now, more than ever, is the time to come together to demand support for all.

Email your local MP, relevant Minister, Shadow Minister or ACT MLA – contact details