Emergency Protest for Manus Refugees!

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Date(s) - Fri 3 Nov 2017
17:30 - 18:30

Garema Place


Emergency Protest for Manus Refugees!The humanitarian disaster that is Australia’s offshore detention system is about to reach a new point of crisis.

The Manus Island detention centre is now closed as far as PNG and Australian authorities are concerned. Electricity and water have now been cut off. Generators and other equipment have been removed. Other equipment has been looted by local people. No food will now be provided and medical services, equipment and medication has been withdrawn. Greens Senator Nick McKim attempted to enter the centre but was prevented from doing so. It is reported that today (Wednesday) he was told to leave the area or he would be arrested.

Outside the camp, some locals are demonstrating against the refugees coming out and the refugees themselves are extremely fearful that they will be attacked if they do so. Others have demonstrated against the building of alternative accommodation elsewhere. The refugees have said they will not move and are peacefully protesting inside the camp.

Also outside the camp, heavily armed “mobiles” – paramilitary police – as well as armed navy personnel are gathered – suggesting the possibility of an attack.

Meanwhile, the Australian government refuses to take any responsibility for the situation.

There is only one safe alternative for the refugees on Manus Island – to bring them immediately to Australia. Join us and others around Australia in this emergency protest. Australia has treated them cruelly for more than four years. We can not abandon them now.