Sample Email: COVID-19 Crisis

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SAMPLE EMAIL – the more you customise the better, but this might help you get started.

SUBJECT: COVID-19 crisis – People seeking asylum need income support – just like everyone else.

Dear Minister/Shadow Minister/Chief Minister/ Local Member of Parliament,

Approximately 37,000 people are currently on Bridging Visas awaiting decisions on their application for protection visas.

Many of these people have been supporting themselves in casual insecure work such as hospitality, construction, uber driving etc. and like so many others, many have recently lost this employment. As well, some people have never been able to secure employment, while some have never had the right to work.

None of these people currently have access to Centrelink payments.

Like anyone else, people seeking asylum need basic income support so they can pay their rent and feed their families – without access to basic income, individuals and families are becoming homeless and destitute. While charities are doing their best to help, the scale of this situation is beyond their capacity.

Please act decisively to ensure that these people and families have access to income support. Like us all, these people are anxious about the COVID-19 risk, and we need to ensure that they can feel secure about maintaining their housing and capacity to cover essential living expenses.

No-one should be left without income support at this time – COVID-19 does not discriminate, and nor should we.

Yours sincerely,