Election 2007

RAC Position
RAC is not aligned with any political party.
RAC is for any politician, regardless of party, who demonstrates commitment to human rights, to more just policy and practice in the treatment of refugees, asylum seekers, minorities and all Australians.

RAC will work with any politician of any Party who shows an openness to listen and to work to uphold human rights for refugees.
RAC will campaign strongly in the lead up to the 2007 elections for:

  • justice and compassion for refugees and asylum seekers
  • the eight goals of the RAC charter


Elections 2007:
To the current Liberal Party government RAC says:


You continue to deny justice to asylum seekers and refugees.
You deny human rights to Australian citizens.


You have taken Australia backwards in the area of human rights.

You create fear, distrust and division.
You speak of Australian values and you lack the core values of respect for the individual, freedom, justice and compassion.

You fail to give moral leadership.

You have robbed thousands of refugee men, women and children of health and happiness and years of their lives.

You have been forced by a few courageous members of your own party to make some concessions but you use your wealth and power to continue to fight any real change.

You leave many once proud Australians with a sense of shame and a grief for where you are leading our nation.

Your leadership is a danger to the future of Australia.

To the current Labor Party Opposition RAC says:

You have a chance, will you take it?
Will you provide a real alternative on refugee issues?
Will you provide strong moral leadership for human rights?

The two issues that demand critical attention are:
Temporary Protection Visas
Off shore Detention with no access to legal support (Christmas Island)

Will you allow Australia to remain the only Western country that denies refugees permanent protection but forces them to live for years in a state of stress and uncertainty with no access to job training, study or family reunion?

Will you use Christmas Island for asylum seekers, denying them access to our legal system and allowing DIMA with its history of horrendous errors and a culture of cruelty to be the only unchallenged assessors of asylum seeker appeals?

Will you put innocent men, women and children into the oppressive maximum security prison now being built on Christmas Island? see: new detention facility

To The Greens, The Democrats, Family First, Independents and all other Parties and Politicians RAC says:

RAC has been pleased in recent years to work with both the Greens and the Democrats in promoting Human Rights. In 2007 RAC will publicise and support your ongoing efforts on behalf of refugees.

RAC will monitor and publicise statements and actions of parties and individual politicians in the lead up to the 2007 elections. We will continue to give support all aspects of policies in keeping with RAC goals and charter.

Election Campaign 2007

RAC seeks discussion on refugee policies with representatives of all parties.

RAC will evaluate policies against the RAC goals and charter and inform our membership (of over 2,000) and all interested people, through our web site, of all Parties’ policies, particularly on the two issues of:

Temporary Protection Visas and

Off shore processing (Christmas Island and Nauru.)