Rally, July 29 – Justice for Refugees: End Temporary Protection Visas

When: 29th July Monday from 10am

Where: Parliament House

Justice for Refugees, The Iraqi Affairs, Social Justice Network, Australian Iraqi Assembly and Refugee Action Coalition have organised a rally outside of Federal Parliament Canberra demanding an end to leaving people seeking asylum in legal and social limbo where they are prevented from reuniting with their families and rebuilding their lives. Join the protest on 29th July Monday from 10am outside of the Federal Parliament. For more information see the official Facebook event.

People seeking asylum have come to build a new home in safety with their families, they want to study, work and contribute to our community, the current Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) prevents this. Whilst people seeking asylum who arrive by plane have access to permanent protection visa that provides them a sense of stability, rights to work, study and ability to reunite with family. The current government laws discriminates against people seeking asylum who arrive by boat, it denies them access to Permanent Protection. As a consequence, we have people seeking asylum waiting 6 years for their claims to be processed with no ability to rebuild their lives.

Join this rally led by people seeking asylum in support for people seeking asylum be treated with fairness regardless of what mode of transport they use. Every one who seeks asylum in our community deserves to be treated the same, with dignity and compassion.

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