Protest: Kids Off, Everyone Off! Close Manus & Nauru

12.30PM // Sat 17 Nov // London Circuit & Northbourne
In recent weeks the mental health crisis on Nauru has exploded. Around 20 children still on Nauru have been consumed by despair and are refusing food and water. Dozens of other adults and children have been moved to Australia, as a result of court action, fought by Border Force, to get them help. Some 50 children remain. Of those left behind, one in four is suicidal.
The situation is growing more and more urgent and the pressure on the government is building. The doctors’ peak body, the AMA, has called for all children to be immediately brought to Australia for medical care. We also need to escalate the pressure on Labor in the lead up to their national conference in December.
The facade of offshore detention is crumbling. A whopping 80% of Australians want kids and their families off Nauru and more people now oppose indefinite offshore detention than support it. With a mere handful of sitting days left for the year, Parliament is unlikely to pass any legislation to free the refugees. Now is the time to ramp up the pressure on the Government to do what it has stood in the way of doing for over 5 long years: bring all the refugees and asylum seekers to Australia immediately.