Canberra demonstration – SOS Manus – Evacuate Now

GetUp! have called a series of national demonstrations for this Sunday 26 November. The Canberra protest will be at 10 am at Parliament House lawns. RAC will be there supporting the action.

This weekend, in iconic locations across the country, thousands of people will sit together in solidarity, arms clasped in the air in peaceful protest – like the men on Manus. This visual demonstration cannot be hidden or denied by Dutton, or the media on the night before parliament resumes.

We will call on our Government to evacuate Manus now, and we will make sure that we are seen and heard.

PNG Authorities have entered the Manus Camp and violently forced the men there to move into unfinished dangerous new detention centres. Peter Dutton is spreading misinformation through the media, ignoring experts and people on the ground.

We must demand the refugees and people seeking asylum are immediately evacuated from Manus, and brought to safety in Australia.