SOS Manus! Rally at Parliament with Nick McKim

More than 400 men remain in the Manus Island detention centre, resisting intense pressure and intimidation to move to other sites that are on the edge of the Lorengau town. The men are very fearful for their safety – they face hostility and attacks from some in the local community. The refugees feel they have no option but to stay in the centre. This is despite the fact that for the third week, there is no running water, electricity, medicine, food and working toilets.

Senator Nick McKim has recently returned from his second visit to Manus and will speak at this protest on Wednesday, 15 Nov, 5.30pm on the lawn outside Parliament House. Senator McKim has also recently described Immigration Minister Dutton as a “racist monster, and a serial abuser of human rights”. Protests, rallies, vigils and other actions continue around the country to demand that the Australian government end this humanitarian disaster that they have created, and bring the men to safety immediately. We urge all people who add their voice to this demand to come to the protest and be counted.

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