Jam for Refugees – A day of music

Jam for Refugees is a ten hour concert consisting of a series of 30-minute acts by some of Canberra’s finest musicians. The object is to raise both money and awareness to assist refugees.

People seeking asylum is a global issue. There are currently 65 million people forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict and violence of which 17.2 million are refugees under the UNHCR mandate. Most simply want to return home. Rather than extending compassion, Australia’s refugee and asylum seeker policy has, sadly, led the world in its cruel policies with people indefinitely detained in our mainland and offshore centres. Join the thousands of Australians calling for policies that treat people with dignity and kindness.

Your donation will help people seeking refuge. Concert proceeds will go to three Canberra community organisations helping people from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds: Companion House, Canberra Refugee Support, and Manus Lives Matter.

Jam for Refugees will take place in All Saints Anglican Church in Ainslie, a church of considerable historical interest, having started its life as the Mortuary Railway Station in Rookwood, Sydney. It is the home of a vibrant Anglican community.