Protest Meeting: Canberra MPs Must Break Silence on Refugees

Join Canberra RAC alongside speakers Jane Caro, Fr Rod Bower and Dr Sue packer in calling on our local MPs to break their long-standing silence on the injustices of mandatory detention. We are holding a public meeting in protest on Monday 6 March, 6:30pm in Manning Clark Centre Theatre 2, ANU.

As agreed at Canberra RAC’s last General Meeting, we will be taking the following motion to the meeting:

This meeting notes that, despite the ongoing suffering of men, women and children in Australia’s onshore and offshore immigration detention centres, the repeated accounts of sexual and physical abuse, the deaths of people held in those centres and the UN finding that indefinite mandatory detention amounts to torture, our democratically elected ACT Federal Members of Parliament have consistently refused to speak up about these abuses.

This meeting demands that our elected representatives publicly call for the immediate safe resettlement in Australia of all the men, women and children currently being held in detention and in the community on Manus Island and Nauru under Australia’s offshore detention regime. Waiting for the US deal is no solution in light of the immediate danger facing many of the people imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru and the lack of any guarantee as to how many people the US will accept, or when.